sputnic - visual artsMay 16th, 2017 Mashup


An interactive game installation, which thoroughly subverts the relationship between game space and presence space. AMAZE Festival, Berlin, 2011 | Lentekabinet-Festival, Oostzaan (NL), 2014

Konzept + Trailer

RACER is a de-simulation of a computer game in the style of the classic WipeOut: A player sits in an arcade cockpit, while their control information is transmitted to a remote-controlled model car that moves along a separate racetrack. An on-board camera transmits the car’s movements back to the cockpit. On the screen the installation functions as a computer game, while simultaneously existing as an object that one can move through out in the space. Reality and virtuality thus become experienceable as constructs open to manipulation.

Now, a German art collective has rendered that thrill tactile, using defiantly analog components: cardboard, glue and vintage-video-arcade kitsch.


Slot car racing is history – today belongs to computer simulation! And in between we find some freaks from Krefeld who bring together the old/analogue with the new/digital in a virtuoso manner, fulfilling their childhood fantasies a little in the process. Old arcade driving simulators from the 70s are coupled with toy cars equipped with lights and cameras. All the driving is done on screen – but there are real cars racing around the DIY toy racetrack – cars that have to be set back in the right lane again by hand when they fly off the track!

Aktuelle Stunde, WDR Fernsehen


Ton&Tun Festival, Krefeld, 2010
AMAZE FESTIVAL, Berlin, 2011
Tonton Gallery, Amsterdam (NL), 2014
Lentekabinet Festival, Oostzaan (NL), 2014


Concept and Design: sputnic (Malte Jehmlich)
Elektronic Engineering: Matthias Mikysek
Music: STA$D400.