sputnic - visual artsFebruary 28th, 2024 Installation


An interactive video installation
for public space
DARK - Digitale Arbeiten zur Lichtkultur | Lichtwoche NRW 2017, Arnsberg

The fact that today’s cities are not only inhabited by humans and animals is currently being demonstrated by a new function on the mobile telephones of countless young people: little Pokemon monsters also appear to be at home on every corner of every city in the world, sharing our living space with us.
There is however a further creature that doesn’t fit into any of the above categories: the “mushka”. In the dark of the night you can witness their activities – all without having to resort to using a mobile phone. Mushka are white beings of light that live in alleyways or on dark walls. They only leave the cracks in the walls during mating season, when they appear in swarms, flying or crawling across the facades. They romp about, eat, glow and make soft, unique noises. If you want to discover and observe them, you have to be very deliberate and avoid making any fast movements or loud noises, since when frightened the creatures hide themselves once again in the cracks of the masonry with a quickness. The quieter and calmer it is, the more the alleyways shine with their magical light. And those who take the time may even manage to tame the creatures temporarily, communicate with them or even feed them.




Konzept, Animation  sputnic
Programmierung space interactive
Produktion Arnsberg Lichtforum NRW – Dennis Koehler